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Syria Emergency

Over a large portion of a million people have lost their lives gotten amidst a common war in Syria. For the individuals who have endure the agitation, starvation, ailment and viciousness proceeds. Your gift could send an actual existence line of help.

More than 5.6 million Syrians have fled the country, with a further 6 million displaced inside Syria, enduring the horror of a country that has been brought to its knees by violence.

Moms, fathers and kids have lost their lives in air strikes which have crushed the locale, wrecking whole urban areas and leaving just obliteration. The individuals who have endure, are harmed and seriously damaged. On the off chance that they can discover the assemblages of their friends and family, they are unfit to cover them.

Chaos, danger, destruction and death.


Since the agitation started in 2011, numerous kids have been naturally introduced to and experienced childhood in this present reality where all they know and see is mistreatment and brutality. A great many honest families have paid the cost for political pressures and have lost their friends and family and homes. Emergency clinics, schools and different administrations have been brought to a halt. Sustenance, clean water and power are hard to find.

This is a humanitarian crisis.


The individuals who have gotten away with their lives are the fortunate ones, despite the fact that they face new risks as they look for asylum in extraordinary destitution. For the millions still inside Syria, starvation, malady and brutality proceeds. The contention is steady, putting further weight on help supplies including sanitation and therapeutic consideration. Essential foundation of streets and correspondence lines have been diminished to clean. Damascus, Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta have been annihilated.


For those made up for lost time in the contention, they are helpless against perils more than the bombs that keep on wrecking their homes. Sexual misuse, servitude, organ reaping and constrained detainment are overflowing among a network completely frantic, driving numerous ladies and kids into unfathomable positions.


Save a life in Syria, send a lifeline of support.


Muslim Aid is effectively working in Syria, conveying crisis reaction help to those got in the turmoil. Your gift can assist us with delivering fundamental, life-sparing help.


Your gift will go far towards keeping the individuals who are most defenseless protected. Stranded youngsters and the older who have lost their family are most in danger as they are unfit to fight for themselves. Without your assistance, their odds of survival significantly decline step by step.


We are working with our accomplices to do all that is conceivable to protect those gotten in the most noticeably terrible philanthropic emergency of our occasions.

We need your help today. 


Your help to the general population of Syria is truly an incomprehensibly important issue. With no opportunity to squander, lives are being annihilated every day.


Just £60 can give a nourishment bundle that will encourage a whole family, giving them the sustenance that they frantically require. Just as encouraging a family, nourishment packs likewise incorporate direly required infant supplies, for example, recipe, nappies, infant wipes and scones.


Your help can likewise pay for fundamental medicinal supplies to treat the wiped out and harmed, including power generators for emergency clinics and facilities. With such a large number of harmed, agony and enduring is all over.

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